Thursday, April 7, 2011

Loss of job due to beliefs?

Okay, according to an article on on 3/28/2011, a Wiccan named Carole A. Smith, a TSA worker at Albany's International airport was fired due to her religion.  While I have little doubt that it contributed to the loss of her job, let's discuss the article and some possible options that could have be used.

1.  It is extremely difficult to fire a Federal employee.  I have seen countless people who should not have a job, yet still have it - because they're Federal employees.  It is unfortunate that we don't have more details in the story.

2.  While we should not HAVE to explain our religion and our beliefs - we find ourselves dealing with an ignorant populous, and it is our duty to share and explain what our beliefs are - when the opportunities arise.   If we fail to do that we lose that window to the superstitions and stereotypes of the past.

3.  The 'hexed' heater.  Really?  This is the BEST that someone could come up with?  I would think that if she were going to 'hex' someone, it wouldn't be their car heater that would receive the focus of that energy.  It would probably be that person directly, and probably the job that they are doing.  (or their appearance, or lateness, or... etc...)  But this may not have been explained that way - or in any other way than "do you think I'd work here if I could do that?".  (And while that may be a true response, it has a lot of negative energy that is directed toward the receiver.  They will not remember the response as much as the way they felt when you gave the answer....)

I feel that we sometimes create our own problems by not explaining things clearly to others.  And while others may not listen, there will be people who are genuinely interested in our beliefs and our systems of worship.  She could have used this to her betterment instead of re-enforcing a barrier that already existed.

What do you think?


  1. I find people at my work, customers and other employees, will hesitate to ask me questions if I'm wearing a pentacle - and I'm there for customer service! I've had a few conversations where co-workers ask me if I believe in God (not specifying which one, lol). I answer that I do and that I pray daily. They usually give a confused/defeated "oh" and walk away.

  2. I think we should help fight for people when they have hatred at work. She was a good worker until they found out she was a witch.

  3. We need to focus on similarities, the things that bring us closer together. Chances are VERY high that 99% of the people that we work with only have 'ideas' of what we believe, and who knows where they got those ideas. It is up to us to set things straight, and not be upset because of their ignorance.
    We are ALL ignorant of something. I have no clue how to conduct brain surgery, and while I have ideas, I could only do damage with the ideas because I haven't been taught by someone who knows about it.
    WE are the EXPERTS when it comes to our religion. It is our duty to right the wrongful imagery that has been washed into the brains of others.