Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Ten Easy Defense Questions

Find yourself talking to someone who is persistently rude about your faith?  Here are 10 questions you can ask them in return:  (Assuming in this situation that you are dealing with an Evangelical Christian.)

1-  Which church did you say you go to?
     (Thanks, now I know where NOT to go should I decide to be 'saved')
2-  The Bible says that Jesus preached love - are you approaching me with a loving heart and humble spirit?
     (Because I'm not feeling it - I am feeling a lot of negative energy.  Must be Satan, like when Peter had issues and Jesus cast him back.)
3-  You go to that Nice/BIG church down the way?  Wow - your Pastor must be doing pretty well with your tithing money.  Didn't Jesus say it is harder for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter heaven?  (Just wondering....)
4-  Where is it in the Bible that it says you should pay someone to be your modern Pharisee?  I don't have to pay my church any money.  It does appreciate a new plant, or a nice tree every now and then.
5-  What faith are you?  What faith was Jesus?  Well, since he was a Jew... why aren't you?
6-  Do you offer burnt sacrifices to your God?  You're supposed to.  I don't - even though I know there is some confusion about what Pagans believe and all...- but you are supposed to.  Jesus said he was not here to change the law, and instructed his followers to continue to honor it.
7-  Do you think the Bible is perfect and the exact word of God?  (Well, of course!)
8-  Oh good, so maybe you can answer something for me.  When Jesus died, there are TWO different stories of how Judas dies.  Which one is right?  Does he Hang himself?  --OR-- Does he fall on his head and his guts burst out?
9-  John 1:18 says that "No man has seen the face of God."  But Jacob and Abraham both saw him... So is John wrong --OR-- is Abraham and Jacob?
10- What does Jesus mean when he says: "Know ye not that ye are Gods?"   (Jesus says it in John 10:34)

Have fun with the answers - and let me know how it turns out!


  1. Hmm, after this weekend I need one about being polygamists. A woman thought it was funny that my boyfriend wore a shirt showing a guy & 2 girls (bathroom sign logos) for polyamory but was appalled when she turned and saw I was wearing one too. She didn't think it was right. So, how does she think all the kings in the Bible had so many wives if it's not right for women to be in polygamy but fine for guys to be? Der-de-der

  2. I'm working on that one now! I will have something posted in a few days!