Sunday, April 17, 2011

Test Tube Meat?

A few weeks ago I did a blog on how scientists in China were working on mixing human DNA into cows, in an effort to have dairy cows make "Human Breast Milk".

Looking deeper into the future of our food - I have re-discovered an article on 'Test Tube Meat'.

The future of ground meat looks as though it could be created in a lab.  Take a little DNA from a chicken or turkey, mix it up with some vegetable cells, shock it a few times to give it a muscle-like structure and ~POOF!~ you have Phoney Baloney!

On a serious note- the intention is to have a cost effective meat source for the masses, especially while farm and ranch land is sold to become the suburbs of tomorrow.  The article also cites "Green house gas emissions" from livestock as another reason.  At first my thought was "Well that is easy - I just won't buy it!"  but then as I thought about it more, there is nothing to say that the tubular meat won't wind up as my meal anyway!

In a day and age where Taco-bell uses corn starch to supplement it's meat source in it's "Beef" tacos, and all restaurants are looking for ways to cut costs, while keeping their menu affordable, I can easily see how the man-made meat would be used.  Chicken Patties/Nuggets, Hamburgers, and all of the $1 menu items of tomorrow could easily be made in a lab and mixed with other things to keep down costs.  Where else could we see it?  At our children's schools.  As school districts look for ways to cut costs, they would rapidly buy a vitamin enriched burger to serve the kids.  Especially if it is cheaper, and slightly 'healthier' than the natural alternative.  And if the food has a longer shelf life - even better!

It is not a matter of if... it is a matter of when.  And that when is looking like the next 5-10 years. 

Just think, our cows will make our breast milk, and our labs will make our meat.  What would the ancient Celts think!

MMMMMMmmmmmm!  Who's up for a lab grown burger, with a frosty breast milk shake!  Order up!!!

Anyone know of an organic Pagan run Farm / Ranch?  Let us know!


  1. This is nasty, problem is, we won't be able to consume ANY food from the food chain soon, GMO or not!