Sunday, April 10, 2011

Magic and the Bible

A lot of people believe that the Bible is anti-magic, spouting various verses about witches.  However, there are a few things that everyone should keep in mind:

1- The Bible has been re-translated thousands of times over the last several thousand years.  It has been put together by humans - not God.  The translations include the feelings and viewpoints of men.  There are versions of the Bible (Book of many books) that do not mention witches.  I on a regular basis review several versions and translations before coming to a conclusion as to what it really says.

2-  What is "Magic/Magick"?  Modern Christians would consider it "evil" and the "work of the devil".  Of course, those same people need to realize that the Bible itself is full of magic!  So we need to work off of a good definition. 

The Webster dictionary will give us the definition of the following words:  Miracle and Magic
      - Miracles:  "something wonderful; a wonder, a marvelous thing, something which seems to go beyond the known laws of nature and is held to be the act of a supernatural being; a supernatural event.". 
      - Magic:  "supernatural  power over natural forces; extraordinary power or influence from a supernatural source."  (And to those who can use it, it is a wonderful, marvelous thing!)

So if we look at the definitions, we need to realize that Magic and Miracles are virtually the same.

And anyone who is experienced with working with energy (whether by prayer, meditation or ritual) will tell you that they are directing the power of ____ to accomplish this Magical/Miraculous act.

Quantum Physics calls this energy "The Field".  We also know it as:  The Force, Chi, Qi, Holy Spirit, etc...

With that in mind let's look at the Bible.  It is FULL of situations where people are utilizing the same energy source to accomplish their Magical/Miraculous goals.  The ancients even used tools for divination!

By last count there are at least: 189 Miracles in the Bible

117 Miracles and Wonders in the Old Testament
32 miracles by Moses - 23 miracles by Elisha - the rest are throughout

72 Miracles and Wonders in the New Testament
46 Miracles of Jesus - 26 miracles of the Disciples of Jesus

Christians call the use of this energy "Miracles", while we call it "Magic".

Take out the bias of translation, and we are all playing with the same toys.  You use your Lego's to build houses, and I'll build space ships.

Someday - just maybe...  we will all be able to play together (without someone losing an eye!)


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